From Jenn Chong to PLASCO
PLASCO strives for sustainable development on a basis of innovation and reforming without boundaries.

Founded in 1986, Jenn Chong to PLASCO used to be a focus on inflation production lines with green practice and energy-saving as our R&D motto. With our firms expertise in making and selling extrusion equipment, we gained a lot of insight into diverse technical services such as film blowing production lines, spin production lines, strapping production lines and flat yarn / film yarn production lines. Throughout the past 30 years we have been committed to extrusion and building our reputation as a trusted brand. With the rich technical strengths in the extrusion field, we decided to alter from Jenn Chong to PLASCO to express our new focus on the actualization of function and aesthetics. With a perfect blend of theory and practice, the MIT brand, full of passion and drive towards extrusion craft and aesthetic perfection, we integrate the R&D of extrusion equipment with whole-plant production lines.
Brand History
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